The Client: Boehringer Ingelheim

The Challenge

Creating a precision targeted market-shaping campaign to drive awareness and education about the difficulty of detecting psoriasis spots spotlighting innovative treatments for this rare condition and how to spot the difference between its varying forms specially pustules and pimples as a marker of severe and rare forms of psoriasis called GPP/PPP.

The Concept

Double entendre of the word spot as creative vehicle.


The Solution

We adapted an existing typography and used each dot composing the type to communicate the challenges encountered when discovering this disease through the use of various skin colors not only referencing the condition itself but also the diversity of people suffering from the disease. Logo created in English, German, Chinese and Japanese.


The Client: Capital Insight Investment Bank

The Challenge

Creating a brand identity for a modern approach to investment bank.


The Concept

Like a hawk


The Solution

We created a stylized hawk as the logo combined with various aerial views from all over the world in order to communicate the brand’s incredible vision and insight.


The Client: Accenture

The Challenge

Global Rebrand: Improvement in legibility and digestibility



The Concept

The Accenture arrow



The Solution

During the brand exploration we came up with an entire visual language that used the Accenture arrow as the main element which would later be integrated into all marketing materials, brochures, advertising, data visualization mobile experience, and website. We leveraged the arrow’s diagonal shape to break up the page and allow the content to flow in a more dynamic way. 

The Client: APO – South African News Agency

The Client: 2 Bridges Partnership for Health

The Challenge

Creating moments that suspend daily tasks, helping people de-stress, connect socially, and incorporate healthier behaviors into their routine through a series of events, local tours, activity zones, and walking paths that get residents out on the street.


The Concept

Find Your Fit


The Solution

Using a series of entertaining but practical temporary signs we promoted physical activities in public spaces. Activity zones included bus stops, parks, public spaces, the waterfront, etc.
We used resident’s stories and activities to create different neighborhood tours or walking paths that promote sense of place. Paths directed people to nearby destinations and places of interest, while showing the approximate walking time and distance.


The Client: Noor Decoration Products & Services – Brand Identity

The Client: La Maria Artisanal Beauty Products – Brand Identity

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