AT&T, Uverse, DirecTv

This project was particularly challenging and rewarding due to the fact that we were in charge of addressing user drops they had found in their research by creating alternatives user flows and taking those all the way from UX to prototype testing and then to final design.

We were given the research documents that found these user drops during various stages of the journeys. Taking these findings into consideration, we created a more streamlined user experience for new and existing customers of AT&T, U-verse, and DirecTv to change service, add service, move, or sign-up for new service.

The initial wire-frames were taken to testing and after several rounds of revisions, we came to a final design optimized to address the drop-offs by using a cleaner journey with fewer steps and fewer clicks.The final design also included a tool that was conceptualized to offer custom suggestions to users. It would ask in a lighthearted and fun way some simple multiple-choice questions such as “are you a cat lady, a princess, a drama queen or a jock” and based on these answers customized suggestions would be offered to each particular personality type.

The final product engaged users by removing unnecessary steps and a more appealing design based on the research we did during the initial discovery process.