My aim is to make familiar things feel new and new things feel familiar.

I am a data-oriented strategic thinker who believes that creativity thrives under process and clear communication. Regardless of brand or industry, my goal is to reach an undeniable truth, creating recognition and surprise enticing the user to participate in constructive collaboration, forming a bond and detonating a shared understanding.

I have worked directly with clients, agencies and other creative professionals to create innovative, user-friendly and strongly branded experiences on various platforms.

This is a selection of my work, created along with many.

Case Study: Meta

Case Study: PPL

Case Study: Starburst

Case Study: Orbit

Case Study: Accenture

Case Study: Coca Cola

Case Study: Jerry Seinfeld & American Express


Case Study: Gillette

Case Study: PayPal


Case Study: Mastercard

Case Study: Powerade


Case Study: AT&T

Case Study: Paul McCartney

Case Study: Kiss My Face

Case Study: Cristiano Ronaldo


Case Study: L’Oreal

Case Study: Keurig

Case Study: L’Oreal

Case Study: The Doneger Group

Video & Animation